Introducing Tap Clap App 👏

Last week I was sat in a presentation where a load of presenters showed off their creations in turn. They had some really good stuff so after each segment the audience naturally wanted to show their appreciation.

In the before times (i.e. pre-lockdown) there would have been a round of applause, but that really doesn’t work remotely. Un-mute, clap for a bit in an empty room, then re-mute doesn’t really sell “effusive support”.

So with that in mind, let me introduce the next great remote work app: Tap Clap App!

Tap Clap App


  1. Open the app from
  2. Share the link with your audience
  3. Bask in the warm glow of “realistic” applause as they celebrate your success 👏

But Why?

Because it’s fun, because it’s an excuse to play with new tech, and because it’s sad to see excellent demos celebrated by the sound of one man clapping.


The app connects to the firebase firestore database and sends each clap up to the cloud and then back down to the rest of the audience via real-time updates. More people clapping == louder applause!

It’s also a PWA so you can install it on your homescreen for even faster access to remote praise!

Now go get it before everyone else gets there first!