Visual Studio 2010: Massive Build Performance Improvements

The solution that I work on daily within VS2010 has around 70 projects, and over time has begun to take longer and longer and loooonger to build.  When I had enough time to walk away, make a cup of tea and come back between F5 and the login screen I figured I should do something about it.

Disable Code Analysis

The first major improvement was to set up a build configuration that disabled code analysis (FxCop) when I was working day to day.  I still want code analysis running on the build server, but not every time I try to run the application.

Firstly, create a new build configuration:

Create new build configuration

Then go through each project configuration and disable code analysis in the project properties:

Disable Code Analysis

VS Build Logging

Disabling FxCop made a bit of a difference, but far and away the biggest improvement  was down to changing the logging verbosity on VS options (under Tools -> Options -> Projects and Solutions -> Build and Run):

VS Build Options

Apparently a huge amount of my build time was down to Visual Studio telling me how long it was taking to build!